Cheux, Lower Normandy

Airbnb gave 2 guests a refund after they claimed that a toilet stopped working a week into their stay. Their own e-mails show it had not stopped working and that it was slow, and we had given them alternate toilet facilities while waiting 2 days for the drain clearing service to come.

The guests left and got a refund for 1 week of unused days. This was not so bad - the worst thing is that Airbnb let them leave up comments that were lies - total and complete lies - about us, our attitudes, claiming we did nothing to resolve the issue etc.. They lied to us as well - they removed the clients initial review. Then once we accepted packages for the ex-guests at our home (they had them mailed out to us before they left), the review went back up - this time even worse than the first time.

We were not told what happened (we were lied to by the support team - they are sickos - really slick disgusting pieces of ***) and we were not told why they would not remove the libel from the site - libel that is refuted in their own internal Airbnb mail system.

If you are a host - do NOT use Airbnb if you value your reputation or being able to control your own rentals! They broke the rental laws in our country by changing the contract and believed only the guest - despite the many e-mails in the system showing that we did so much to try to appease these guests before they left.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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