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what's the point! Waste of my plannign time!

You check, find their calendar to be open, then, owner keep "declining" the availability!!!, WTF!!!

Do something about it AirBNB!!!

1) I spend hours to find great place, very very excited!

2) check calendar, "yes, it's available! yey"

3) make reservation with "STRICT cancellation policy" etc, so i make sure I cannot make reservation to other place

4) WAIT for 2-3 days, to ONLY GET, "oh, wont' work with our travel schedule..etc"

5) WTF!!!, right?

- what's the point of "checking calendar" to find "available date"!!!

- I have impeccable review, so that's not the reason for them to say "no" to me.

- whole process is so broke, waste of time for user, too much devotion for property owner...waste of time!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #765079

When a potential guest makes me uncomfortable, I'm going to decline a reservation without thinking twice. I've been in this business long enough to know that sometimes it is better to have a vacancy, than it is to have to clean up after a guest who trashes your property. Just because I have an opening, doesn't mean I'm obligated to let just anyone stay in my property.

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