I made a post recently , but it showed out that the host changed his name on airbnb , but I bet that the reason he changed was because he don't want the future guest to read what I went through , so I`m going to make the post again.

I think it is sad that you can only write a review on the Airbnb website when you have stayed the hole time.I rented at Wardy on Airbnb and I stayed there just couple of days , because it was horrible and the information was misleading and I spent a lot of money for a bad experience.

Wardell does not work and is taking advantage of International tourist and charge them a lot of money , because he does not work and wants to make a lot of money.

There is many things that I could say about the stay and about him , but I want to warn the future guest that there is many guests that canceled their stay and they never got the chance to share their stories and I`m one of them.Wardy is a evil person and he does it on purpose when a guest is arriving and he is always away and he leaves notes and one of the sickest thing is that , he knows excatly what to do , because at the listing the rules are simlpe , but when you do arrive there is a long list on rules , and these rules was never written on the listing , so please stay away from Wardell "Wardy" " WARD" Eisner also nickname as ward as he current use on airbnb

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Why are you so jealous of Wardy/Ward?

Go get a life, and stop wasting your energy in jealousy and character assassination of others. Hope you could earn a bit for yourself!

to Bitter Truth #919051

Are you kidding with me?

Maybe you´re related to Wardy ... In that case that explains your comment.

to Bitter Truth #919056

Maybe you´re are not aware of this but Wardy tried to trick me with money and when I called Airbnb to inform this they actually called him and told him to give my money back ( This money was something he wanted me to pay cash for a extra day when it was already paid.") For you who has nothing to do with this or has not experience what I has experience then you´re the one who need to get a life and would earn... You´re ignorance.

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