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This report concerns a bed and breakfast (B&B) located at 48 Via Romana, Florence, Tuscany, 50125 Italy. The B&B is operated by Valerie and is named "Bellissima grande stanza Oltrarno" listed on

The report concerns amongst other items my money belt containing all our cash, credit cards, and passport which "went missing" from our room (on the apartment sofa - with 100% confidence level) while sleeping between 11:30 PM and 9:00 AM May 21-22 stranding us in Italy. This ruined the vacation and a special time with my daughter. I am a busy professional from the US and its the time with her that I cannot replace. The intent here is to truthfully and accurately reveal important security information for you to take into account based upon our recent experience. Please carefully consider your safety and security before booking at this location.

In addition, the apartment was nasty and is clearly not well suited for the any traveler other than someone seeking hostel level or below accommodations. The biggest problem was the black mold in the bathroom shower, running down its walls and on its floor. It's obviously been quite awhile since cleaning and inhaling mold spores has potential health consequences - see attached photos.

The bathroom counters are littered with your hosts makeup supplies - which is also depicted on photos (look at their photos critically as well as the ones attached because what you will find is worse). Stains running down counters and on mirror add to the ambience. Additionally, I recommend not looking under your sofa or beds (also see photos attached).

There are several closets in your room which should allow for ample storage. Unfortunately these are so crammed with the hosts personal articles that your bedroom closets are unusable except for 1 small space (see photos attached).

Although the amenities include wifi, this was not working during our entire stay. The only solution offered was "wifi is everywhere". While public wifi is available it requires the entry of your personal data to access and is too slow/inconsistent for extended tasks such as reservations and payments. Also, entering credit card specifics on public wifi can be hazardous. Lacking wifi proved very inconvenient as it forced us to plan in suboptimal times (like while eating at a restaurant).

I'm sure there are many wonderful hosts on who genuinely care about their guests and are putting in the effort necessary on behalf of their own business and their guest's comfort. These are the hosts we must find and this report is in no way intended to criticize or its services.

Experiences such as I've described above are very harmful to the traveling community and have the possibility of tarnishing wonderful services such as must seriously re-evaluate the appropriateness of this location in their roster of hosts and accommodations.

My strong advice to you is to look for another location. Stay here at your own risk and bring your own cleaning supplies.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Wow that is just plain nasty.I would have left and got a hotel room somewhere else.Why would you stay?


Did u make a review on that listing ?

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