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Very unhappy with a decision airbnb made regarding a refund that they gave a guest who cancelled. When I tried to appeal the decision and talk with someone in charge, I was told that there is no appeal process and no one to talk with.

I have never heard of a major company without a complaint/customer service department. My plan is to stop hosting and I suggest others think twice before getting involved with this company. One has no say over decisions about your own rentals. The decisions are arbitrary and not discussed with you beforehand.

When I called to discuss, the person was rude and not helpful. I will try other sites to host where there might be better customer service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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I use HuEx.com They are easy to work with and also have a no refund policy. I would say check them out because I get a better quality customer there as well.


Same here. Twice. Use other



They did the same thing to me. I am not messing around.

I am going to talk to a lawyer on Monday.

I lost 1500 because of there incompetence. I asked them what the address is where legal papers can be sent and they will not tell me.

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