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The day before mother's day on my drive up to the Bay Area from LA, I was informed by my host that she was canceling my reservation . A full month earlier I had booked this specific townhouse based on its proximity to my Walnut Creek based daughter who was about to undergo surgery and I needed to be within walking distance to her home as I did not have a car. The host gave the 'excuse' that her complex was undergoing maintenance that had turned the entire environment into a 'war zone' of industrial paint machines and other unacceptable disturbances. She then claimed her homeowners insurance could not offer her 'protection' in case of a mishap to a guest due to said maintenance. To make a long story short , after arriving at my destination and scrambling to find another suitable accomodation that involved hours of time and aggravation , I just happened to walk by her place and see that all was a lie and that the entire complex was a bastion of honeysuckle and tranquility . There had been some painting taking place externally but it had no bearing whatsoever on anything or the quality of life on idyllic Iron Horse Trail Road where the unit was located. When I suggested to the host 'Antonia' that I 'see for myself ' if I could possibly live with the inconvenience of painters, she became extremely aggressive and cancelled my reservation before I could do anything. The excuses she gave me in both inbox messages and our singular phone conversation were a clear indication that she was concerned with herself ONLY and did not even apologize to me for the last minute change nor did she concern herself with my situation . To say that this host's actions turned my life upside down is an understatement. After spending a single night in another rental during which I spent literally the ENTIRE night awake and on the phone with one of your case managers whom I happened to hear referring to me as 'crazy ', I was able to alter my second reservation and cancel the rest of my stay which was totally unacceptable in terms of location and other conditions. At this point I was so frustrated and angry I changed my airline flight home at additional $100 fee to myself and cut my trip short. After taking 3 trains to Oakland airport , my Southwest flight was also cancelled and I had to spend 4 hours in the airport awaiting the next flight. And of course the time I had hoped to spend with my daughter was not to be.


After submitting proof to my case manager 'Rosie' through photographs, that the unit I had booked was indeed free from the conditions the host claimed ,and after having returned home a week early because I could not find another place to stay , to add insult to injury , Airbnb disabled my long standing account and I can no longer access it. I have probably spent the equivalent of 24 hours over the course of two weeks on the phone with at least 2 dozen Airbnb representatives who have done virtually NOTHING to help me. I can only say this is the most unprofessional company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with . I have been victimized by your company not once but twice. I had a positively reviewed longstanding account that I had painstakingly developed through worldwide travel over the past 4 years. I had always gone out of my way to leave 5 star reviews for every residence I had rented. This is no way to run a company ,and as a journalist I plan on doing everything I can to spread the word that Airbnb is among the most unreliable company out there.

I happen to know that the host of the cancelled unit Antonia, has multiple listings for said unit , and I have already named and shamed her on Trip Advisor as a pathological liar. I am absolutely certain that she revoked my reservation because she received a better offer through another venue . She blocked her townhouse though mid June from further reservations ,almost certainly because she chose to host a long term renter , instead of me who had booked for only a week ,causing me a plethora of unimaginable problems I am STILL dealing with nearly two weeks later.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of airbnb house rental. Airbnb needs to "my account reinstated !!!" according to poster's claims.

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Paris, Ile-De-France, France #1000497

You sound unhinged.

When a host cancels your reservation, you can opt to automatically leave a review stating such.

These reviews deter other from booking and additionally, the host's listing won't get as many inquiries as it won't be featured prominently in search results.

Reading your semi-coherent rant gives me some clues why they booted you.

This is why airbnb is different , and usually cheaper, than a hotel. There are all kinds of risks.

If your hosts cancels your res, yeah, it's super-rude.

So go book another listing, book a hotel, file a claim with your travel insurance.

It doesn't mean the whole platform is faulty, it's just that the hosts generally aren't professionals.

to meowww #1000593

When a host cancels your reservation you CANNOT leave a review. In fact you have NO recourse whatsoever .

Get the facts straight before offering an uninformed opinion. You clearly no nothing about the way in which this platform works.


I appreciate your comments. They are well organized and thoughtful.

My opinion of Airbnb has changed dramatically.

Maybe they could address your accusations in a response. Sorry for your circumstances and your daughter's health issues.

to Anonymous #989795

thank you so much for your comment. In spite of numerous messages to Airbnb case management, no one has contacted me.

I continue to experience the repercussions of this miserable event and my account continues to be disabled .

I have already spent close to $1000 due to everything that happened above. I guess it helps to know that a person or two may reconsider using this company because of my post but considering their strength in marketing I believe I'll just be a casualty replaced by 10 new interested parties .

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