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When I first opened an account with AirBnb, I was under the impression that they would treat their customers fairly. However, as I had an issue with my second renter, my opinion of this company changed dramatically.

Having had a few damages to my property by the guest, I submitted a claim to the company requesting a refund only to hear a resounding no. They claimed the damage was due to "wear and tear" when it wasn't. Not only did the guests damage my property, they also left the door unlocked and the alarm system disarmed when they left.

I will start looking for an alternate service. A company that makes arbitrary decisions, despite all evidence, is not to be trusted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Airbnb Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Unfair.

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In regard to the comment left by SLR, as a host, you do give your keys to strangers, that's part of the deal to make money. In return you expect them to treat your room/house with respect.

You don't make money handing over keys to your friends an relatives.This person claiming the guest had damaged the property, but with no explanation of what the damage was, so it's difficult from a reader's perspective to understand the problem.I am a host, though not with Airbnb any longer, but guests do spill wine and ruin carpets, blankets, towel's etc... and that is the usual wear and tear, which is why you should be charging enough to cover these depreciations.

If the mess left was memorable, you put them on a "do not rent to" list and cut your losses. If it's an outright crime, they should be charged for it.


you rent your home to totally unknown persons, they cry when they don't treat your property with the respect you expect.

That's why I don't give my keys to people I don't know


will you use Airbnb again in the future?

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