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Obviously it was to good to be true.

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This is a copy and paste below this paragraph.

As a Host who was busy trying to learn a complicated business quickly. "Hospitality" and merge it with my personal aspiration's AirBnB platform looked to good to be true. I observed it from 2008. Watched two Host's in my area for a few years. It seemed ok. Jumped into it. I have a lot of "space". Had good luck for several months. Then a series of guests from ***. Then first hand experiences of "Host support" and the chaotic 24/7 CSR support. Below says it all. I actually achieved in a few months impressive figures as a low end cost effective host. Actually the total bookings cancelled was over 9,600. by AirBnB. Pending payments were 954.00 dollars before they blocked me out of my account. I have several guests still in my home all bewildered by the action's of AirBnB. Luckily after I forced the issue on a negative review that was Slander.

I backed up everything in my account. I can reconstruct from my paypal account what I need to know to make sure I recieved the money for the current guests. 1 past guest owes $24.00 because of a CSR error. I left out the over 30 positive reviews. Simply G John Cohen NYC Host Quora to see them.

Airbnb: Has anyone had the experience of your Host listings being turned off by AirBnB due to bringing to their attention problems with their platform and procedures?

John Cohen, NYC Host


AirBnB recently hid all my listings. At the same time they cancelled over 19 bookings adding up to over $7000 dollars most likely more. Here is a copy of the email sent to those inconvenienced persons.

Dear xxxx,

We were just informed by John Cohen that your accommodation starting on xxx, April xx, 2012 (reservation xxxxxxx) is no longer available. You should know that hosts are penalized for canceling reservations and removed from our site if they do so frequently.

I am no longer able to access my account to see my future payouts -- approximately $2000 dollars -- or when I will recieve $954.

At the suggestion of an experienced attorney I have backed all information that was in my account including changes that were occurring after AirBnB shut off my listings.

I cannot prove what the customer service supervisor said over the phone but I will quote "We have discussed it among ourselves", "There are simply too many customer service requests from your account", "You can apply in two months to be re-instated."

After careful review of the backups it appears to be 21 bookings not 17. As of this date several guests are living in my home. Booked through airBnB. I have no idea if I will be paid for their stay. Here is a short list of my Complaints that resulted in AirBnb hiding my listings.

1) Peer review process as implemented is being used by a few guests as a threat of a "Bad review" if I do not bend to demands for services not offered. Or if I attempt to enforce the House rules such as under age drinking or cleanig up after themselves.( Threse guests have no reviews of their own.)

2) Security Hole. Apparently airBnB does not maintain any information of the Guest of the guest.

3) CSR who answer the phones are given extraordinary power to rush to a judgement without giving the Host the benefit of the doubt.

4) Reservvation panel is a Mess if you are a busy Host. Dificult to make heads or tales from this. Even the CSR.

5) Bad reviews which are not opinion but statements of Fact. Say about the cleanliness of a Host. "Place smells like Garbage" Bathroom's are dirty" by a guest who frequently broke house rules.

6) A clear and convincing connection between Guests who them selves have no reviews making a complaint or bad review on a Host who has asked them courteously to obey House rules.

7) Repeatedly blocking out up to 10 days or more on a room until an investigation is complete. Finding the Host acted properly

8) Many of my customer service calls were about parts of the WebSite not working or learning how to nagivate it properly. I have bad eye sight and need new glasses. EG recently a part of the listings page failed to show up where

prominently it states Host has PETS. Two guests allergic to Cats appeared.

. Though my listing clearly states CATS. I had to have my House keeper Vacume 2,000 square feet. So that the guests could finish their bookings. My cats were trapped in my bedroom for two weeks.

9) Security deposit is not a security deposit. Never in my Life have I been

compelled to negotiate with a petty thief

Their is a lot more. 24/7 is not 24/7 due to the lack of enouph Human Infrastructure to handle the Volume of calls. Resulting in knee *** reaction's

and bad decision making.

I cannot help get the feeling that AirBnb in my opinion would like low end Hosts to quietly fade and disappear in to the night.

This one will not.

The average star rating of my spare bed rooms was 4.5 Stars.

Skirting around the Franchise laws of the State of New York and the Federal Franchise Laws.

Skirting around the case law in New York State concerning Defamation and Slander.

And who knows what else. (SPIONS)

I am a fundamentaly good New Yorker. I am confident that my fellow New Yorkers will hear my cry for HELP.

I have been crippled financially by AirBnB's actions. Humiliated. Down but not out. I have nothing to loose. I am old sickly.

In my youth in basic training at the USMC. You learn the history of this Institution.

Lt. General Chesty Puller.

"You don't hurt 'em if you don't hit 'em."

Below this you can read my reviews. It was AirBnB who cancelled the bookings

and Defamed and Slandered this host. I removed most of the cancelations as the web page would have been to long.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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I am also having major problems with a rather surrealistic situation with AirBnB.

I have used their service for at least 2 years. This year in particular there have been more requests, so the service was starting to be a good source of rentals.

I registered on AirBnB without supplying any ID or any other information other than my phone number, my bank account info. for payments and the address of the property.

This year, after noticing that it is possible to add another option of payment, I decided to add another bank account. It coincided with the beginning of a rental. Because I made this change of bank account, they thought I was some stranger or something, so they blocked the payment of the said rental.

I received the message requesting that I provide my ID and a photo of myself. Again, requirements that had not been made to date.

So immediately switched back to my old bank account and requested that the payment be made as all payments had been made as usual. They refuse to do this, but, strangely enough, they did pay the second rental after the one pending, to my old bank account.

So something here does not make sense at all. How can they block a payment for using an option of adding another method of payment? And furthermore, why request identifications that were not requested when I first registered?

I am hoping to get my pending payment soon, but I would appreciate any help if anyone knows a...

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Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #668906

I have attempted to use airbnb several times and have NEVER had a good experience with them. I have been able to make contact with the hosts and have actually stayed in several properties and everything went smoothly there, but as for airbnb customer service, there is only one way to put it... IT SUCKS!

Absolutely horrible customer service. Very unprofessional, and could care less about its customers, their mistakes, the flaws in their website and system.

They tried pulling the high and mighty card with me and I told them where to stick their broken a** service.

I have requested my account be closed immediately and my information purged from their system. I will never use them again, and I'd suggest anyone reading these complaints do the same.

They are NOT a good company and I don't feel your money or personal information is safe.

SHAME on you airbnb.

Fix your business or sell it to me and I will fix it!


I'm planning to sue Airbnb because I lost money because of them. Someone reserved my place and it was confirmed.

Few days latter AirBnB canceled my reservation because the person who reserved it request to cancel it. But in their cancellation policy the person wasn't eligible for a refund and they did it anyway.

It doesn't say no where on their website that anyone can cancel anytime. It says only if I violate one of their conditions. So I asked what condition I violated to make the person eligible to the refund and they can't answer.

I said if I didn't violate any conditions and she wasn't eligible for a refund and you did it anyway I want be compensated for the money I just lost because of your mistake.

I swear that I will do everything to be compensated.

to Not happy with AirBnB #797969

Just happened exactly the same thing to me.Could you tell me if you managed to get refunded ? are you suing them ?

to Arnaud #825014

This literally just happened to me as wel and I am waiting on the customer service line as we speak.

to Not happy with AirBnB #994292

You make something?


don`t you all get it. This is a site made up by Kids. Just like Face book and Craigs List. They are shooting from the hip. They have zero experience in life and just wat to cover their ***.

I just had a horrific experience.

Arrived late. My clock check in already was started. The house was defumigated big time. A smell of RADE was pervasive all over the house. The Host was white trash. No Heat. Shower at the other end of the house.

Clearly this was a *** all the way. I check out the next day.

The are wa emote.

BnB does not check any of these sites out. One can check in w/ murders or drug dealers. BnB controls it all.

This place was a Health Hazzard all the way.

One day there will be big time problems and then maybe goverment will step in. For now its a ***.


It’s about time hosts challenge AirBnB cancellation policy. How can a company impose financial penalty for cancelling a bookings in your own home. This is your basic human rights to decide who you want to let into your home. This company is money driven and there are no concerns at all about the circumstances which lead to your decision to cancel a booking. For example I have had two automatic bookings, guest 1 booked after 9:30 pm so got a text alerting me to this booking. I kindly informed the guest that I won't be able to accommodate them because I didn't have sufficient notice to make the necessary preparations and I was ill with the flu. Naturally customer support informed me that it’s a host cancellation. Next thing I received an email the following week notifying me that I have been paid £4 for the current guest as the $100 was deducted for a previous cancellations. *** be known I had another automatic booking and had to refused the booking and $100 taken off the current guest staying in the property.

This is a clearly an unethical and unlawful, first if you have carried out a service you should be paid. AirBnb has profited from the booking fees so suffer no loss so what is the justification of withholding money to guest. This company needs to be reminded that it is a referring company which has no control over our homes and cannot dictate who we should rent our space to. And by no means is AirBnB in a position not to pay you the money that has been...

wimdbu, wheretosleep, 9flats, flatclub, flipkey to name a few.

Let’s take back power in our hands as without hour homes this company has no business. Shop around list your space on other sites know your rights and be prepared to defend it. As for me I am prepared to issue legal proceedings is necessary to be paid the money this site owes me.

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to SAT Boston, Massachusetts, United States #581806

AIRBnB has been taken over by the CORPORATE ZOMBIE PROTOCOL

and everything that they create is a unit of lucre; you me time property is reduced

to a WALMART tacticians passion : CALCULATE YOUR LOSSES TO A 16TH OF

a centimo. Which as you say will bring better enterprises on line which AIRBnB will seek to buy out.

Thanks for the perspective and the names of the alternate sites.

Ciao, Abhraka


Air BnB has just refused to allow me to complete a transaction for TONIGHT due to my refusal to submit my DL. I identified myself as an Stolen ID victim, I explained that I had been warned by a Federal Agency NOT to let my current ID out, Talked to a fellow in Customer Service (and boy was it HARD to find that phone number) who refused to abide by the Consumer Protection Ruling allowing me to use alternate forms of Identification other than my DL, or birth year.

Air BnB has an obligation to their subscribers to fulfill their contracts in a timely manner. I feel this blatant disregard for their new clients, and for their hosts/hostess's is a prime example of how they FAIL.

Let's make it permanent. Let's Fail Air BnB as they fail us.

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