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We are not satisfied with the 200 USD coupon offered by your firm for the following reasons -

1) We had remitted 480 USD while booking this private room with the total trust that when we convey and book for 4 adults, the room shall be sufficient to accommodate 5 adults reasonably comfortably. We tried calling Airbnb and we were put on hold for half an hour after finally we gave up.

2) The moment we entered the property we were greeted by his dogs who started sniffing us (Due to religious reasons, we cannot pray when dogs dos so. It was mentioned that there were dogs on his property, but we never expected to be sniffed and barked upon by them)) and were shown the room by Mike’s friend at 8 pm approx. on 25th May instant, and on seeing the room to be cramped, we brought the same to the notice of Mike, who accepted it was pretty congested for the 4 of us and he conveyed that we should have booked 2 rooms for us. The photo of the room posted on net by your firm has been shown without the extra 2 side beds apart from the queen bed shown. This does not give a fair view of how cramped the room will be after the side beds are placed. When we request for 4 adults accommodation, and as Mike says he is frequently accommodating up to 5 guys here, your firm could have displayed a photo with the 4 or 5 beds shown. As you can judge from the photographs of the room attached, with the 4 beds, you can clearly see that –

a) There is no room left sideways from any of the 4 beds to get down

b) You can see one of us trying to sleep and the legs tend to tangle down, i.e. insufficient

length of bed

c) One side bed is blocking the entrance to the bathroom

d) The beds were uncomfortable with the side beds as air beds where we just sank in and of such quality that on queen bed when one partner moves even slightly, the other gets his sleep disturbed, even if the sleep is not disturbed by the irritating road traffic moving noise nearby all through the night

3) Hence, since we could not sleep and feeling claustrophobic, we conveyed to Mike regarding these issues, to which he tried some lame methods to tide through the issue. He said he shall try for a bigger room on 1st floor, where a tenant was residing, and he could arrange to switch us with him. But he never reverted after that, and subsequent to our conveying through your columns re this, Mike responded that we could cancel the reservation if we felt as such. We also conveyed through your resolvation site for refund of 280 USD from Mike not to escalate matters with him in the night, we felt speaking to you for the balance amount of the 480 USD that we had paid for booking would be a better option. But Mike did not revert in the night at all. We were at a loss and feeling pretty let down and had to frantically arrange for alternate lodging arrangements, for which we all were awake till 3 am of 26th instant, when we could get a booking elsewhere after great difficulty. In the morning of 26th, since we had not received any communication from Mike re the mode of action, we had packed our luggage and checked out at 11 am to the front drawing room and approached him to resolve the issue. But he kept giving evasive answers and also kept us waiting there for close to 1.5 hours mentioning that he was getting in touch with Airbnb and told us to speak to you. In fact he stopped communicating with us completely and we could see him sitting in his garden towards the rear with us waiting in the hall. Grossly uncourteous of him. After this unhappy episode we gave him a call that we were leaving and called for our cab.

Thus we now would request and expect from you the following –

1) We paid 480 USD while booking the room. With all the above unhappy episodes, we should be paid the resolvation amount of 280 USD as mentioned earlier

2) We should be reimbursed the balance 200 USD by Airbnb as compensation

3) After being apprised of the trauma we had to go through, any other relief you may think appropriate

4) The amount of 480 USD plus should be credited to our account and not tied with strings of credit notes etc. to instill our and our friends’ and groups’ confidence in your firm.

This person wrote the review because of bad quality at Airbnb and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $480 and wants Airbnb to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was nobody cares. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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hahah you cant pray when dogs do?? really, if you seen a picture of the room, even without the air beds, you should have been able to figure out that the room was going to be tight. .

and i seriously doubt some other person was just going to switch rooms with someone..seems like maybe someone was trying to get something for nothing

i seriously doubt you will be getting what you are asking for, and you did spend one night, so why should you get ALL your money back??

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