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Airbnb - Unasked-for reservation cost me $13 for cancelation.

The house we wanted and paid for with a credit card turned out not to be available on our anniversary date, August 20. The very minute our potential host emailed us to say that the next weekend was available, another email arrived telling us that we were confirmed for the following weekend. I didn't even ask for the following weekend since that's not our anniversary. It turns out that there is no phone # to talk to a real person with Airbnb. Only a place to type in your question to get canned answers. Upon trying to cancel the reservation, I found out that I would be charged $13 by airbnb... for cancelling a reservation that I didn't make. Wow, what an incredibly disappointing experience!
Customer service
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Airbnb House Rental
I didn't like
  • Lack of customer service
  • Unprofessional practices
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I put my house on AirBnB. One of the first bookings I had was for a family of 4 visiting to have a quiet weekend. I was not able to meet the guest when he checked in and left a key. This person threw a massive college keg party/crawfish broil for 100+ guests according...
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Airbnb House Rental
I liked
  • Variety of homes and prices
I didn't like
  • Host protection
  • Lack of customer service contact
  • Customer service
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