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Parkview Tower 1 Complaint

Allan Joco Listing (Parkview Tower 1 Eastwood City Q.C (Phone# 63-9055134691) Also contacted by Host with this number(4797145048)

Allan Joco

The condo was dirty when I walked in. But the staff stated to give them an hour and they would clean it. After I returned to the unit. It appeared as if it was clean. As I was walking on the tile floor, my white socks became black with dirt and dust and I notice woman hair everywhere. I specifically asked about bugs at this unit. The staff stated that it did not have bugs. At about 1130 pm I was awaken by noise in the kitchen. I thought maybe it was a mouse, as I turned on the lights the entire kitchen was filled with cockroaches. really big brown ones, they started to scatter. I looked under the counter and there was bug spray. I sprayed the kitchen, and notice more bugs in the bathroom and the bedroom where I was sleeping. It was totally disgusting and unsanitary. As I grab a tile to was my hands, It smelt as if it was sprayed with a fragrance to mask the smells that the linens had not been cleaned. I could not sleep the rest of the night because the bugs were everywhere. I took photos and videos. I contacted the host but got no response. Also the host mentioned something about paying for internet and utilities which wasn't mention on the listing. The staff told me they would be by in the morning but then told me they would come by by noon. I expect a full and immediate refund. The was a completely unacceptable listing and should not be hosted until the place is professionally fumigated.

This reviewer shared experience about "roaches and dirty" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $431. imanJones is overall dissatisfied with Airbnb and uploaded picture s. the best about airbnb condo rental from Airbnb was previous bookings. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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The bad news is that you stayed there (since these are private homes they don't have to adhere to ANY health standards like a hotel or even hostel would), the good news since you did NOT check out, you can write a review of the host (this is the ONLY way to warn people about that not posting a review on here although if people google the address they might find this review), the bad news about that a host can bribe someone working for Airbnb to remove a bad review, that's why I, as a landlord for a host (and the guests who stay are VERY lucky) would never, EVER, book on airbnb.

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