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We booked a condo unit in Seoul just this past June for 9 people. The title is "Celebrities areas and family, group stay" with Jay and Rana. The price was good which is $330 per night with 3 bedroom and 2.5 bath in a location, which they claimed to be good and convenient. The pictures look really nice and clean, which is important for us. We can compromise in everything else.

Anyway, the taxi driver didn't know how to get there from the airport. It took him a long time to get to the close by location, and we have to ask around people to go the condo. How hassle it could be if you are carrying the suitcases around and finding your way in the same time. The worst is that most people don't speak English in Korea. We needed luck so bad at that time.

When we managed to get to the unit, the place was a dump, which is totally different from the pictures shown on the website. We have to clean the kitchen for Jay ( the owner). It was all sticky and dusty everywhere. Although Jay's brother who should take care of the place did his best of giving us towels, kettle, and blankets, we were not able to stay because of the sanity of the place. The sofa was torn and the carpet had stain all over. The blind and bed are falling apart. There should be 2 beds but we ended up all sleeping on the floors. The kitchen counter top was sticky and dusty. We cleaned it for our own sake the first night we stayed there.

I called Jay to complained to him what happened, I offered him to give me just 1 day refund back out of the 3 nights I paid. He agreed. We moved out the very next morning. I talked to Jay's brother about the situation before I left. I was hoping that he would correct all problems before renting it out again. He concurred. I had no intention to make a big fuss because I believed that they would make the changes. After all, we should all give a chance to people who try hard to make a living but don't know how. I was giving them feedback and advice of how to run the place better.

Anyway, I came back and found out they are still renting out the place. I hope they have corrected the problems. I try to call to notify them of the situation. I don't want anyone to experience the nightmare that I had with the place. I can't find any number that I can call regarding to the host's complains or scam investigation. I think this listing that we stayed in Seoul definitely has misrepresentation of information. And I can't find the link that I can leave reviews. The worst of that is on the airbnb website, it says " photo verified" under the pictures. I think the airbnb has verified the pictures to be true and representative. I trusted the website and that's why I booked the place. My advice to you is that don't trust the pictures totally and airbnb because they might not know what is going on. You should verify with the owners directly or go with a host that has lots of good reviews.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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I am a host for Airbnb and i think is a great company. I would now say after hosting for 2 yrs that their customer service is excellent, pictures verified are the ones that they send a photographer to our house, the rest cannot say verified.

Airbnb gives guest the first 24 hrs to report any issues in the listing and you will get a full refund, but when you stay in the place the first night is because you ACCEPTED the place and the conditions.

Do not discard this company, it is a great concept and it works.

Next time do your homework.

READ REVIEWS first, read the listing very carefully, contact host and ask question before booking.

And after you left that listing, Airbnb gave you 30 days to write a review, but seems you didnot do it.

We as Hosts get bookings from positives reviews.

to Elle Hoboken, New Jersey, United States #965489

For a host the above logic works for a guest it doesn't. Airbnb, uber etc.

assumes a near perfect world where most people are honest and reasonable, because these are founded by Yuppies with possibly little connection with real world. This is why their business models are immature and don't have the necessary checks and balances that are necessary to conduct business in a real world with real people.

This is also why most investors hold the opinion that these businesses will implode from within one day. But these are good experiments and possibly some realistic and sustainable business models will come out one day out of these.

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