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My sister and I rented a flat in SanFrancisco, hoping to save money on the cost of a hotel room. While the flat was clean, it was not fancy or expensively decorated.

When we were getting ready to depart, I attempted to clean the surroundings, despite the fact you have to pay a cleaning fee on top of the rental rate. In cleaning a small spot off an upholstered ottoman (possible not one I had caused), the color on the burlap faded, leaving a ring and me out 200.00. Why wouldn't a host purchase insurance to cover minor damages from the profits they make renting their space? In this case, I paid, adding the cost of the rental for the week to far more than a hotel suite with microwave and frig.

and other comforts of home.

It came to far more, plust the hastle. Watch for these hidden costs in renting from Airbnb from hosts with no insurance.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Dusit, Krung Thep, Thailand #762947

Really? You damaged something and are upset that you had to pay for it? A hotel would do no less.

Clackamas, Oregon, United States #698838

Please take responsibility for your actions. If you had stayed in a hotel you would have had to pay for your damages as well.

And in response to the other comment airbnb does not have insurance. It is almost never that they actually pay out the million dollar insurance that they advertise about.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #651799

As an AirBNB host, I wanted to let you know that we all have, through AirBNB, insurance against damages to our home. As AirBNB is the insurer, I'm sure they paid out to the host, and then they wanted to collect from you to make up their losses.

Your fight, then, is with AirBNB, not the host.

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