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I am ( was ) a host on Airbnb. I signed up with them a week ago, spent several hours filling out all their requirements and online forms etc and uploading pics etc and have had a reasonable response with 5 enquiries including an actual paid booking for two weeks starting the 9th April to the 23rd April 2016. Then completely out of the blue, Airbnb have cancelled my account with a reason given as: 'We wanted to reach out to you regarding your Airbnb account. After a routine review, we regret to inform you that we are no longer able to support your account due to violations of our Terms of Service. You can find additional information about our Terms of Service here:

As a result of this determination, we have taken steps to permanently deactivate your account. Please note that any upcoming reservations will be canceled for a full refund and all other parties will be notified. Additionally, we must inform you that further account support will no longer be available.'

I have tried to contact the company but have had no answer after 5 emails!! Yet they even had the cheek to send me a message from my booked client asking what the *** has happened. He is extremely upset as he booked his flights from the UK to Spain based on coming to my place which perfectly suits his purposes and location. He now doesn't know if he will get his money back, I am out of pocket as have spent some monies on a couple of things this client wanted and of course the revenue from his occupancy if he stayed. I cannot answer to the client as I am 'no longer a host' and he is left high and dry without any answers and with air tickets and car hire paid for with no compensation. So we have both been stuffed! Airbnb haven't had the courtesy to explain what we have supposed to have done to breach their rules. Which is impossible as it was a straight forward booking. He was interesated to know what help I could give him on his arrival as he is coming to Spain to look for a property to purchase as I have experience in this field. So it was a win / win booking! He could get impartial advice and I had a client staying at my place.

I can only advise anybody else not to touch this company with a barge pole as they seem to ride rough over anybody - hosts and clients! - and do not have the ability to even answer a straight forward question as to why!

I wish I had taken notice of all the other hundreds of complaints about the company that I read on their own forums - I put them down to being petty squabbles by disgruntled hosts - but obviously I was wrong - the company stinks!

So beware of being a host and beware of being a client as you will lose out financially!!!!!

Steve.harrington2014 wrote the review because of poor customer service at Airbnb and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Airbnb to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was how they handle consumer confidence. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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UPDATE: as of the 23/4/2016. Still no contact from Airbnb !!

Subsequently was found by the clients that had booked originally when they found my advert on another site.

They have not had their monies back from Airbnb yet despite an assurance of that.

So the company are a total scam and shysters!!

I have had quite a few comments on Skype and on Facebook from previous hosts on the Airbnb site and they all have diabolical stories to tell.

They owe so much money to so many people it is almost unbelievable that they haven't been closed down!!

Do not touch under any circumstances. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


i have the same issue, i have vbeen on for couple months, had good reviews was booked for 2 months ahead, then bamm i get email saying my account was closed no reason, you cant reach by phoje, i believe this company is a scam

to Anonymous Alicante, Valencia, Spain #1136300

Totally agree, I cannot contact the clients that booked and paid Airbnb and they cannot contact me, so they will obviously think that I have nicked their monies! I really feel bad for the clients! There has to be more warnings given out about this company !

Steve Harrington

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