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Shared a rental with some friends in Kaaawa, HI. The reviews posted on the Airbnb site were highly inaccurate and did not reflect our experience.

We now question their review process—because something is not right. We are not fussy people, but this is a single-family house that was chopped up into units. This dwelling is not well insulated, air-conditioned, nor does air circulate well. We have enjoyed seeing our friends but been very unhappy with the condition of the unit.

To start, there were/are ants all over kitchen. The owner's answer was to go buy a bottle of bug spray and give it to us. The oven was a disgusting mess and the fridge and walls were covered in food and grossness--which is why there were ants. The floor of the bathroom had someone else's pubic hair on the floor--we knew it was not ours, since it was there when we arrived.

The windows and screens were/are filthy. The trash bin smelled of old food and the laundry (which is shared with upstairs, but in the unit downstairs) reeked of mold. The general condition of the house was NOT what was reflected in the reviews or advertisement on airbnb. There were insufficient linens and really bad mattresses.

To cap it all off, we awakened every morning around 4:30 AM to a large orange cat crying in the bedroom window. Because of the heat, we could not close it. I am allergic to cats and the cat's bed was right over my head, as the bed was positioned under the window and the cat's bed was elevated just on the other side of the wall so that the cat could look in and get the attention of the person who evidently usually sleeps in the bed. Couple the cat with the roosters which ***-a-doodle-doo all day and night and it is a real party--NOT!

Just when the cat would move on (after about two hours of trying to get our attention), the toddlers from the upstairs renters would start running laps around the apartment, while the parents chased them. We repeatedly complained, but Doug (owner) really did not get it. 36 year old man-child, surfer-dude, self-proclaimed entrepreneur really should not be deceiving people by claiming that this place is an adequate for multi-occupant rentals. Because my friend made the booking under her name, I cannot complain about this matter to airbnb, but she will.

We would have sought a refund and gone elsewhere, but the area was booked out because of the Christmas holiday. Please beware, if you do not want strangers at your front door and back door multiple times during the day, strangers in your laundry room; if you like a low bug environment, no screens on the doors--mosquitoes everywhere; if you hate cats or are allergic; if you have any regard for domestic hygiene; if you just want to sleep at night, or during the day, without the sounds of cattle above your head --THIS IS NOT THE RENTAL FOR YOU! Sure Doug is a nice guy, but come on man--get a clue and be responsible. This dwelling is not suited for this kind of rental operations.

Once you get here, and it is not what you bargained for, you are trapped. Bad karma NOT OK.

YVONX wrote the review because of "dirty, loud and misrepresented" at Airbnb and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $2000 and wants Airbnb to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was how they run things basically corporate malfeasance, total misrepresentation by host, bad doug miller kaaawa hi and dirty loud airbnb rental. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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