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Update by user Jan 17, 2016

Airbnb sent me an email to review Nicole and the deadline date was wrong which was really strange, so it was too late for me to post it. So, this girl named Jessica posted it for me, but the whole thing especially the bottom line did not fit.

They changed it so that you can only have 2500 characters, but did not bother to tell anyone. So, then Jessica was trying to help me figure out what the deal was and promised to help me until completion, but then she did the Airbnb disappearing act. So, next someone named James was helping me and he PROMISED me he was not going to disappear and he was going to help me until this review was posted correctly. Well, I got it down to 2500 characters and he posted it, and the whole thing still did not fit.

So, then I figured ok, it must be 2500 including spaces, but guess what James has disappeared and now the review that does cover most of the points has been removed. I have emailed James many times and no response. So, now looks like James has done the Airbnb disappearing act. Anyway, now I am not going to bother reducing this review any further.

Nicole, the guest, would not have been able to circumvent my strict cancelation policy without the incompetent "arbitrator" Kevin T, from the Trip Experience Team, but I could not say that in the review because you cannot mention an investigation in a review. It might be open investigation, I am not sure. However, the review that does not mention the investigation has been removed and now James who promised not to do the Airbnb disappearing act has now disappeared. Not cool!

Here is the reduced review- (I am not going to bother reducing it more unless James turns up).


I had planned to put a new lock on before check in time(even though a lock that locked from the inside of the bedroon which was what Nicole wanted), but Nicole did not want me to do it I suggested doing it the next morning.

She said, she would be sleeping. This is when I found out she does not sleep at night & would be sleeping until 1 pm everyday. Then we both agreed it would be done at 2:30 the next day. The next morning she told me that it was not going to work out.

She was “uncomfortable”. When I pointed out that she had misunderstood our prior communications, she told me to forget about what she had just said(because she had so much going on in her head). Then she told me she was “uncomfortable” for another reason, but this was easy to remedy. Next she said she “feared for her personal safety” but never told me anything about it being because of the lock on the door which would have been absurd because there was already a working lock on the door and I was about to upgrade it.

She told me that the last host she told that she was "uncomfortable" handed her cash & she wanted me to do the same & not involve airbnb. She complained that I was going to put a new lock on my door, omitting the fact that there was a lock on the door that fit her requirements. This is against section 3b of the "Guest Refund Policy”. She also provided no photographic proof that there was no working lock on the door.

This is against section 3a of the "GRP". She also was able to circumvent section 3c of the “GRP” which gives the host a chance to remedy. She never mentioned one word TO ME about the lock. There was nothing to remedy and nothing that could not be remedied had it been brought to my attention.

I only wanted to put another lock on the door that could also be locked from the outside. Had there been a problem with the lock, I was given no chance to remedy it as per section 3c of the “GRP”. SHE BROUGHT UP THE LOCK AS IF THERE WAS A PROBLEM W IT ONLY TO GET HER WAY. She did not want me putting it on because it would disturb her.

I tried to accommodate her wishes & ended up losing $1500. It was a case of no good deed goes unpunished. I have never ever done anything that would cause a "Travel Issue" as described in “GRP”. My impression is that Nicole does not think doing this is a big deal.

Her parents live nearby. If she feels ‘uncomfortable” she can go home. If she is so sensitive, she could have met me before booking. I do not think it is entirely Nicole’s fault that her misunderstandings & misconceptions were not cleared up.

I feel that an open discussion could have achieved that.

I am completely upfront in my listing & discussions with guests about everything before they book. THE BOTTOM LINE IS IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO RISK LOSING MONEY DO NOT BOOK THIS GUEST.

Original review posted by user Jan 14, 2016

I had a guest who first said she was “uncomfortable” then changed it to she “feared for her personal safety”.”She ended up saying she was about to have a panic attack and said she ran out of my house because she was “afraid for her personal safety”. She also said the last host who she told that she was “uncomfortable” just handed her the money, and she wanted me to hand her cash, which I did not even have yet.

These days if your lucky they pay on time, which means 24 hours after the guest checks in. Then I had to deal with an “arbitrator” named Kevin T who did not seem to know what “Guest Refund Policy” was and kept dismissing what I was saying, and only listened to her side without giving me a chance to defend myself. In the end, he circumvented my cancellation policy, and yanked nearly $1500 from me. He told me on a recorded phone call that he would pay me for 3 days and paid me for less than 1.

Now, the case is closed. I love the way they do something unconscionable and then say the case is closed. Oh yeah, their legal team was supposed to contact my lawyer but never did. No way to contact the legal team.

I am thinking of contacting the American Arbitration Association.

I wonder if they will ban me if I do that. I guess transparency and honesty will go out the window at that point.

This person wrote the review because of "pay me." of airbnb host service from Airbnb and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $1500 and wants Airbnb to "pay me. get rid of incompetent "arbitrator". have an appeal system. only have arbitrators from aaa. stop doing unconsconible things to your hosts,".

The most disappointing in user's experience was lack of integrity, lack of response, scam and incompetent arbitrators. Author liked the most people i meet. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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New York, New York, United States #1237423

I do not know who marked this as resolved. It was not me.

It is not resolved. I have not been fully paid. I am calling the American Arbitration Association tomorrow. Who marked this as resolved?

Shoulded I be the one to do that?

Wow! That is like something Airbnb would do....


I should have also said she told the "arbitrator" she was about to have a panic attack. This should have been a giant red flag for him.

If you are about to have a panic attack you go to the hospital, you do not get your money back. That is what travel insurance is meant to cover.

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