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I would like to take time to comment about this rental in detail. The house is on the Leyton tube station and the walk from the tube station is not 5 minutes, its about 10-15 minutes. When we made it to the rental Joe was there, my wife and I, 3 kids and sons boyfriend(6 in all) .

First of all and in my opinion, the most egregious item in this listing is that it is listed as a whole house. This rental is NOT an apartment or whole house in any way shape or form, let me repeat this, this rental is NOT an apartment or whole house in any way shape or form. The rental consists of a single building, 1 building, with 3 floors. Each floor has individual rooms, 3-4 on each, about 14 individual rooms between 3 floors in one house. This rental is on the 3rd floor and consists of 4 individual rooms, 2 bedroom s and 1 kitchen and a bathroom, each room except the bathroom have locks.

We were shown to the 3rd floor, our individual rooms and shown the bathroom. Walking up to the third floor the carpet was threadbare (see picture) on the way up and there was an electrical socket open and broken(see picture). Joe proceeded to show us around the rental, all the time saying that this will not be as big as any American apartments we are used to, laughing and trying to downplay our shock. The kitchen is tiny, much smaller than pictured, it had stuff on the walls that we could not identify see picture, It did not hold 6 average size people in the kitchen (it also doubles as a bedroom). The bathroom was as described but no toilet paper or towels were available, we had to ask for towels which we delivered. Again anybody from the other floors could use our bathroom if they wanted to. Second and as big an issue as the first was at night time we had to lock our children, yes lock them into their rooms, otherwise anybody from the floors could freely walk up to our floor and enter our rooms. Glad we did not have a fire. Let me state it simply. Each bedroom had to be locked as anybody, anybody could come up from the first or second floor and go into one the rooms that were not locked.

The kitchen is where the views of the Olympic village are, there are no views, NONE ( see pano picture). It was about 100 degrees in the kitchen unless you open the windows, if you open the windows and it rains, the water drips on your floor or bed. So the choice is to suffocate or dry up the rain off the floor.

When leaving the rental there was a waring on the back of the door (see warning picture)Any decent sight seeing is at least 40 minutes away from the rental and that’s not at rush hour, which can be over an hour as all underground cars were jammed packed in the early morning.

There are no parties in the house rules, this obviously did not apply to our neighbors beside and across the street. There were parties every night keeping our kids awake.

The rental is on an approach or takeoff from an airport, Gatwick I think, I am not sure but either way there are planes constantly flying over the rental, constantly

I grew up in a very rough part of a major city and believe me when we walked to rental, we were shocked at the area that the rental is in and the condition of the accommodations . Believe me when I say that no parent would take their kids to this listing if they truly know what it was and where it was located.

Here was the hosts response

“This Ciaran and family were noisy, dirty and intentionally wet the beds and sofas. Hosts should do all they can to avoid this troublesome family. The wife is very spiteful who started her attack on me minutes after I checked them in. Her ignorant problem was Oxford Circus is more that 40 minutes from Leyton with the central line train which in actual fact is 25 minutes, she was all over. She said she like the apartment and even 25 minutes is too far to reach Oxford circus. They damaged the second bedroom door and respect no rule so please avoid them.”

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of airbnb house rental and associated monetary loss in the amount of $500. Airbnb needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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