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I called Airbnb to let them know that I had a signed contract with Ms. Ponga which superseded theirs and any dispute was to be handled my the American Arbitration Association.

I have never called to notify them of this before, but I knew this guest was trouble. My big mistake was caring that I would lose my Super Host Status if I cancelled. Anyway, Rafael ignored this fact as well. I also doubt that he looked to see if this guest has done what she did to me to other hosts.

I am sure she has. Dirty towels, BS. I am the kind of host who provides luxury robes. I will upload more photos later.

Ms. Ponga also vandalized my apartment. I have had so many bad, horrible things happen at Airbnb because of the incompetence and unconscionable behavior of the "mediators" and the case managers. The other problem is the "Guest Refund Policy" which attracts ***-artists, criminals, extortionists, etc.

Airbnb just brings the thieves & criminals in general. I have never had a problem w guests from any other site. The biggest problem is that the people that work at Airbnb do not know what the "Guest Refund Policy" says. They do not seem to have been trained.

I am starting to doubt that they have even graduated from high school. One guy on the phone gave me the impression that either he or some of the people that work there are high school dropouts. Anyway, basically this story is a rerun of the incompetent Kevin T. arbitrator story.

Actually, there are so many incompetent people in this story that I am going to submit a separate complaint for each person. I am also going to go back through all the unconscionable things they have done and submit separate complaints for all of those things too. There are actually some people w common sense who answer the phone who can understand what was done was wrong, but when it gets to the next level, the person says the person on the phone over promised. Doing the right thing is over promising?

They always use the excuse that the case is closed,, as if I closed it. LOL! Patricia Ponga was the guest, she has now changed her name to Ruth. I suppose this is because of my review which has been taken down, put back up, and taken down again.

Maybe when Ruth realizes the review is down she will change her name back to Patricia. 1st off, she tells me that she will be staying I think 7 or 8 days but her friend would only be staying 3 of those days and could I give her a discount, which I did. Turns out, that story was a lie. I have some terms.

I made the mistake of preapproving her and saying if you agree to my terms, pls accept my invitation to book, if not pls decline. What does she do, she books. She also said she agreed, but she was not following through w action. So, far in my experience if people do not agree w the terms, they do not book, and if they do agree, they comply w my terms right away to show good faith, but no, not this lady.

She wants to change stuff up and renegotiate after agreeing. One of my terms was that instead of getting a deposit, I would have them get a $59 Property Damage Protection Plan which is insurance. Her and her friend tried to tell me that they have been doing Airbnb and this other site along time and you can't do that. However, this other site told me as long as I am listed on their site and I have the listing number, people booked on other sites can buy the insurance.

Somewhere along the line, someone on the phone at Airbnb told me that it was not allowed to ask the guest to purchase the insurance, so I purchased it on their behalf. Later, learned that Ms. Ponga told Airbnb that I forced her to buy insurance which was a lie, and I can prove it with my credit card statement. Ms.

Ponga wanted to check in late, so I told her I would leave the keys at the 24/7 deli. She said this was perfect, but later complained about it. There was one mistake because the deli guy gave her the keys to my apartment and not her apartment. Luckily, my place is steps away.

She knew she had the wrong keys but she used them to open my door and walk in. Later, she said she called which was a lie, but anyway I gave her the correct keys. She was clearly aggressive. She clearly acted like a person who is not afraid of anything.

Next thing, I get a call from her saying that the apartment is not habitable because there is no heat. I said yes there is, you just need to push the heat button on the central air and heat. Then she complained that there was a window she could not shut, so I said trust me get the heat turned on and you will be boiling and dying for the window to be open, but no Patricia aka Ruth insisted that I come there right then so I said I would, and she said when, and I had to reiterate, right now, ahora mismo. So, I get there in about 3 minutes.

She has not turned on the heat and she tells me that she knows how to circumvent my strict cancellation policy, and if I do not get the window closed she is friends with Brian Chesky and could get me thrown off the website. The window is a bit hard to close, but I did it and I told her the window guy was coming on Monday. She complained that he never came on Monday, but she was never ever there on any Monday, so clearly that was a *** lie on her part. Then I did not hear from them for about 4 days.

On the 4th day, I get a message on the message thread saying everything is fine, we just need more towels. Nevermind, that I have already given them 4 sets of brand new towels, and there were 2 sets in the bathroom. So, I said there are more towels in the cabinet next to the bathroom. So, then I did not hear anything and it seemed all was fine.

Then in the middle of the night, when I am in bed w a migraine, she calls me and demands that I bring clean towels from my apartment. I said there are clean towels there. She said, no they are not, I got an ear infection. What a *** woman!

Ear infections in adults are caused by flying, seasonal allergies, and smoke. Anyhoo, I try to explain to her that the towels in my apartment are laundered by the same company, and were in the same load as the towels that were over there. I even had the new towels washed because I wanted them to have the smell of whatever the laundry uses on them, so wonderful. Plus, who knows who has been touching them.

Anyway, she would not listen to reason, and she tells me the TV is broken. The TV was not broken. It was a pretext to get me out of bed. You have to use both remotes, and if you do not get it, you can read the house manual, and I gave them the phone number to call for customer service.

The bottom line is that I am such a nice host that if I had not had a migraine, I would have gotten up to help them. It is my nature, but I couldn't do it. I offered to have them come get towels from my apartment, but the towels there were better. Now, enters possible high school dropout Rafael, who does not know the meaning of the word mediation.

Rafael ignores my strict cancellation policy w no proof, no photos, without talking to me(mediation) and lets them out of the reservation. When I call Airbnb they say it is because of dirty towels and a broken TV. So, I send Rafael a photo of the cabinet full of clean towels and the working TV. Then he tells me that I forced them to buy insurance.

Also, not true. Sent him the credit card summary showing that I paid for it. Next excuse is that, it was because I asked them if any neighbor asks to say they are my friends. Apparently, Rafael took that to mean that I was not allowed to sublease my condo.

Also, wrong! A lot of people in my neighborhood work in the hotel industry. If they get fired or something, I do not want them to think it is my fault. However, since Rafael doesn't know the meaning of the word mediator or mediation, he doesn't know that he should have talked to me.

According to the "Guest Refund Policy" I am supposed to be given a chance to remedy any real or imagined problem. Rafael did exactly what incompetent mediator Kevin T. did. When his 1st reasons for ending the reservation turned out to be wrong, he made up new reasons.

You owe me $900, Rafael. Don't assume. Talk to both parties. Read your companies policies, get a dictionary.

They took down my review of Patricia Ponga aka Ruth, put it back up, and took it down again. I suppose someone decided to do the right thing and then the next person up the chain said no. That has always been my experience w this company. It happened w crazy Nicole as well.

Or maybe Ms. Ponga called her friend Brian Chesky and he had them take it down. Review for Ruth She told me on the phone that she needed to check out at 8:30 pm & I told her I had another guest checking in at 5 but she could leave her luggage until 8:30. She ignored me & wrote 8:30 on our contract.

When I 1st met her threatened she knew how to circumvent my strict policy cancellation policy & she accomplished that. She informed me she is friends w Brain C & could get me kicked off the website. She got an ear infection & imagined new, freshly cleaned towels were dirty. I told her where more clean towels were, but she demanded I get out of bed in the middle of the night w a migraine & bring towels from my apartment.

I would have done it but with a migraine I couldn't. They had some trouble w TV as well & I told them where instructions were & gave them the customer service #. They speak better Spanish than I do & could explain that you have to use both remotes. They refused to call, made false statements, & got a refund during my busiest time.

She told me her friend would b there 3 days & she would b alone 4 the rest of the stay so I gave her a giant discount. The story wasn't true. I sent in photos of all of my clean, fresh towels so she damaged(my curtain rod & other stuff), vandalized walls, poured soy sauce on my just laundered blanket, moved a dust bunny around, scuffed my walls, etc to make my place look dirty, made up a new story & is now trying to get more money. I feel harassed by false statements on my message thread.

I think she has done this to other hosts. I wanted to cancel this guest because I knew she was trouble, but when I went to do it, I was told I would lose my "Super Host Status", too bad I cared!!!! She made false statements about stuff which I can prove w my phone bill & my building's(where I live) security cameras, etc. I don't like to give bad reviews, but I not wish what she is doing to me on anyone.

I'm sure her response will have false statements. I can provide proof that they are not true, just ask. For example she stated someone never came on Monday as promised. She circumvented my policy & was never there on any Monday so that is an obvious untruth even for someone who doesn't know what is going on.

One has to be logical & read. There is only 1 truth in all matters & it is always the same. Her false statements include things that can't b seen in photos like laundry smells, & damp but laundry people use bounce or something that smells lovely & dry. The customer is not always right or honest.

She wants to make money and she knows exactly what she's doing! December 2016

Product or Service Mentioned: Airbnb Apartment Rental.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Some of the people i have met, Some people that work there have tried to do the right thing.

I didn't like: Lack of morals, Incompetent, Untrained employees, Staff lies, Mediators do not know the meaning of the word mediate.

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