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I stayed with my wife and two young daughters at a small house in London, 57 Roupell St, from xxx to xxx

The person letting us in Johnny seemed nice enough; he met us an hour earlier so we could leave our bags; didn't look around the inside properly and off we went on walkabout.

He first texted me to say the washing machine wasn't working. Ok no big deal. Then another text to say the lights in the back bathroom and back bedroom weren't working - starting to seem suspicious that this was 'only just discovered' but hey. We were out having fun and later visiting my Dad so I didn't want to mention it. But I was getting a sense that the guy was dishonest; and that kind of disgusting arrogance - taking people's money while treating them like $hi$ - really annoys me.

We came back after dark, all needing the bathroom pretty soon. Front bathroom: definitely hadnt been cleaned, lines of filth around the sink. Toilet - on first use the flush was clearly broken. 3 times I lifted the lid and reconnected by hand - expensive holiday fun! No warning, no apology. (pic)

Back bathroom - as he had warned there were no lights working, but at least the toilet worked. Great expensive fun using and helping a small child to use the toilet in complete darkness.

Next morning: showers. The picture on the listing of a useable shower is a complete fake compared to the revolting reality.

First and foremost there were cables hanging through a hole in the ceiling to just above head height; I used a plastic coat hanger to shove through the hole. (pic)

Second, there were flies all over the shower (pic) and it smelt.

Third, right next to the sink was a pile of broken glass and metal.

What an egomaniac arrogant $hi$, allowing children particularly to put themselves at risk and taking good money for this. Haven't had the misfortune to run across such a low-life for some time.

He later told me "The cables weren't live" as if a) he had the slightest clue; b) that made it ok and I was 'making a fuss'!

We cleaned the dirty bath in the other bathroom and used the hand-held shower over the time there. Luxury!

The fridge was filthy and full of semi-rotten items. We tried to touch as little as possible in the whole house.

Walking up the stairs once I felt something sharp in my left shoulder - a long pointed piece of metal had come away from the banister and was pointing out, like a primitive defence. That could have seriously injured someone! I did my best by hand to fix it back (pic).

The whole house from top to bottom was covered in varying layers of filth.

Oh - I nearly forgot: the back door lock is broken! You can't lock it!

The floor was dangerously broken entering the kitchen. (pic)

Cigarette ends littered the 'garden'. (pic)

He asked "So why didn't you say something before?" in his pseudo superior tones as if I was at fault.

Simple really: having spent ages before coming to London finding somewhere in the location we wanted with 2 bedrooms at an apparently ok price (extortionate in reality), we didn't want to now spend half a day of a 3-night trip moving elsewhere. And perhaps lose money on it due to late notice!

Not caring a fig for others - besides his own 'superior' friends I suspect - the incredible arrogance shown by Johnny in letting people even enter the house in that state is shocking.

And there's a picture on the wall in the property that says "Keep loving!" - given the sickening arrogance witnessed I have to assume this means "yourself".

Whether this disgusting treatment is without the owners (Mr Richard Thomas and James Williams from the messily spread letters) being aware of the situation - paying him for cleaning that isn't done and putting people's health in real danger - I do not know.

Whether they know or not, any harm caused by their negligence would be their responsibility and extremely costly.

Avoid 57 Roupell St like the plague.

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Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom #1204810

Dates were August 16 - 19 2016.

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