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I recently experienced a truly unpleasant encounter with Airbnb that has left me & my partner totally guttered & disappointed at the way Airbnb Management has handled our complaint. They have given me no other alternative than to take to social media on all platforms to make others aware of a system that puts profits before honesty & Integrity.

We booked a stay on Airbnb for 2 nights informed the host 2 days prior that there was 2 of us staying and approx. time of arrival. On Arrival the host was unable to meet us but had another person check us in, the room was not as listed & so I insisted that I speak with the host to which I did and the host said that I could find another place if I wasn’t happy with the room booked but wouldn’t refund our money of $202. I took photos (attached) and forwarded to Airbnb who at the time gave us a 50% refund which at the time was satisfactory as we were not in a position to argue the difference let alone trying to find another place at the last minute. Airbnb also informed me that the Host was in breach of Airbnb policies and would address the matter directly with the Host.

During our stay the linen we believe to have been from an “Op Shop” which had a musky smell and the Doona was a child’s single bed doona with teddy bears on a it for a listed King size bed which was in actual fact a Queen size bed. The listing stated a bathroom (not started as shared nor does Airbnb state that within the house that all the other rooms are rented out as well) and at our time of stay we had to share the bathroom with 6 persons although the house can accommodate up to 9 persons at anyone time with only 1 bathroom. The other issue with the listing was that most of the door handles had 1 screw holding in the handle which could result in the handle falling off to either the bedroom & or bathroom leaving a person locked inside as the host doesn’t live at the house.

On my return some 3 weeks later I checked to see if the listing was still listed as we saw it and to my surprise it was. So I messaged Airbnb about the situation and instead of addressing my concerns they removed my Comments that I left on the Hosts page that I gave an honest description of our stay. Second to that the host at the same time left a message about us, which was untrue trying to swing the situation around.

I decided to ring Airbnb which goes to an off shore call center, to which I explained my experience with my stay and now I was extremely disappointed with the fact the Host is still listing the property exactly the same as when we booked & stayed. I told Airbnb that it appears profit has been put forward over integrity and now request a full refund for my stay including having the Hosts untrue comments erased.

All of the above I mentioned to Airbnb senior case manager who informed me via message that the case is closed and no further actions will occur.

As a loyal customer for the past several years with multiple listings world wide I have now decided to boycott Airbnb until they can address my concerns in a professional manner including making the changes that I believe are truly over due with falsely advertising listings so that the customer is aware of all the facts prior to committing to a booking rather than part of the facts. Airbnb gave me no alternative than to take my concerns to social media on all levels & this was conveyed to Airbnb prior to this post with little to no concern as profit appears to be the governing factor at play rather than addressing genuine complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Airbnb Apartment Rental.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Total misrepresentation by host, No way of knowing what you will get, Disinformation, I did not like, Lack of full compensation.

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Thank you! Someone suggested Airbnb for a trip I am going to take.

After reading how they do not only fail to take care of those who use them, they also protect those who are supposed to provide what they promise and seem to be protected and supported by Airbnb to my disgust and dismay I will look elsewhere for my accommodations. Who wants to share one bathroom with all those people? Who wants to smell something on their linen or wherever proving it is not fresh? Who wants to fear getting locked in a room because the people failed to simply put screws more than one?

The response of AirBnB is deplorable and shameful since whoever uses them depends on them to either check out the place or when informed of the false advertisement make it right and stop in effect recommending the place to others. What kind of scam is that and if you are using them, you are doing so for business or pleasure and are stuck between a rock and a hard place if falsely advertised and condoned by Airbnb since you found the place through them. I would rather take my chances with something more reputable.

Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully, social media will warn others and with enough people experiencing this obvious neglect on their part, they will disappear or be less used like Uber.

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