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I just had a host refuse to pay me back my money because there was a tech glitch on my mobile and the cancellation didn't go through even though she knew ahead of the deadline that I would have to cancel. As soon as I realized 2 hours later, I pressed cancel again, but now Airbnb refuse to acknowledge the glitch and have allowed her to keep my 200USD for doing absolutely nothing.

The delay, does not affect her ability to find a new person at all, she was overcharging and I actually did the right thing. They seriously need to review that cancellation policy. Hotels rarely take 50% btw...

the cancellation policy was a LONG 5 day cancellation period too. Ugh.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada #902975

I have the same experience!


For one thing how do you know she could find someone else in that (very) short 5 day time period? Overcharging - seems to me the owner has the right to charge what they choose to charge and seems to me you were willing to pay it when you made the original reservation.

The rates are posted right on the site. Since you never stayed there you do not know what she was charging was not justified. I have had people make reservations months in advance just to "hold a room" in case they decided to vacation or attend a local event and then cancel last minute, leaving me with accommodations that I could not rent last minute. If they hadn't HELD this room (just in case) I no doubt would have rented it.

I usually have to turn down potential reservations because rooms are "reserved". These people are running a business and depend on this "planned income". And another thing, she didn't do absolutely nothing, she held the room for you.

How would you like it if you actually intended to take that room (for real) and she overbooked to cover herself for people like you and you arrived but she gave that room to someone else - leaving you without a place to stay for the night. Get real.

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